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Contents copyright 2019 by Valerie Harms

Faith in nature

A friend in a gym class and I have had an ongoing spiritual discussion.  She is a confirmed Christian.  What gets me is that she utters her beliefs as if mimicking a preacher. What really shook me was when she said the Bible tells how the world will end.  Give me a break.  She would never agree with my sense that it is humans destroying earthly habitat that will cause the extenction of many species, including human sapiens.  I don't follow any set religion.  I follow my own experience, which includes a lot depth work and independent thinking.  Nature to me shows that ecology is the harmony of the spheres.  The cycles--carbon, water, nitrogen, etc.--and links among species and the land they live on-- these are truly wondrous and complicated and deserve our attention.  They have my faith even if things don't turn out well.

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