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Author, Editor, Coach, Naturepreneur

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Email me or call to set up a free, introductory chat about any creative project or situation.

I am available by Skype too. These consultation rates are cheaper than in person. I take payment by PayPal.

I take a minimalist approach to working with people--being there when needed, but not encouraging dependencies. So, it's on an as-needed basis and costs are not prohibitive.

Ask for rates:
- query letters
- book proposals for fiction and nonfiction
- selecting agents & publishers
- Creating a "platform" & using social media
- Self-publishing strategic planning

EDITING SERVICES...hourly rate
- proofreading & making editorial comments
I have years of experience editing memoirs, novels, academic papers, articles in all styles. I know the adult and children's markets.

My experience includes:
* Ten books with such publishers as Putnam, Random House, Atheneum, W.W. Norton, Shambhala. Stories and articles have appeared in such magazines as Harper’s, Ms., Book Forum, New Age, and Camera 35. I have made many radio and television appearances.
* My imprint has published 18 books and received a national science award, grant from the NEA, been the subject of a PBS film documentary, and included in The Best of the Small Presses.

* Worked for National Audubon Society as a science editor.
*Instructing for 20 years at the Long Ridge Institute on writing stories and articles for adults and children

*Editing for Pacifica Graduate Institute and many other clients
*Editing Distinctly Montana magazine for over a decade.

WANT TO WORK WITH ME? Telephone consultations & classes are available. We can work by Skype too. Payment accepted through a Paypal account. For workshops see Events page.

INITIAL HALF-HOUR FREE. I'll answer your questions, and we can discuss your needs, concerns, and budget.