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Events 2020

Contents copyright 2020 by Valerie Harms


Consultation in writing for publication and
online course for times of transition

1.  Writing for Publication:

If you want to take your work to the next level and get it published, I'd like to help you succeed.  I offer one-on-one consultations because I believe that approach suits you best.  Every project is unique in its own way.  My goal is to help you bring it to fruition.  I want to be your coach, your time-keeper, your inspirer.
In the consultations you will learn how to:
·      Select your project's genre & length
·      Write a proposal for editors/agents
·      Build a platform with social media
·      Find the right publishers
·      Or, if desired, navigate self-publishing options
Together we will craft a pitch for your book as well as the other materials typically asked for under "Submissions."

Where:  Sessions in my home, a public space, or on the phone.
Format: 1-2 hours as needed at a time convenient for both of us
Fee: $100 a session; $300 for four sessions; pay by PayPal or check
 Contact: 406-587-3356,


2. Are You at a Crossroads?
Take this Online Journal  Workshop

As a rule, the individual is so unconscious that he fails to see his own potentialities for decision.  Instead he is constantly and anxiously looking around for external rules and regulations, which can guide him in his perplexity. ~ C. G. Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections
In our relationships, work, and health we struggle to make transitions that resonate with our core values.  Relying on our inner intelligence depends on our willingness to explore the issues in depth. I offer you a self-paced course in which you will be shown ways personal writing leads to psychological and spiritual gold. The exercises will start with where you are in your life now and tap into the wisdom of your body, significant memories, and move into dreams and dialogues. You discover the places where you find deep meaning and purpose.  You should emerge from this workshop with a sense of the uniqueness of your life journey and newfound joy and inspiration.
I am the author of 10 books and a creativity counselor. I have led writing and Intensive Journal workshops at centers around the country, plus Canada and Greece.  I worked on several projects with Anais Nin and Elvis Presley.  A graduate of Smith College, for seven years I was a project editor at the National Audubon Society. Currently I edit Distinctly Montanamagazine. (Find me on Facebook & Twitter)


I have known the highs and lows of life.
Fee:$150 in advance; or in two installments of $80 each; payable through PayPal


Bonus: Free book to U.S. addresses, Your Soul at a Crossroads





Animal Wisdom Figures
Techniques for Working with Animals in order
To Live More Powerfully

Dreams are like Fed-Ex Messages from Your Soul
Tips for Understanding Them

Rebirth & Renewal Symbols
“I found myself in a dark wood” ~ Dante before the journey that led him to envision
The Divine Comedy.

Anytime. Courses tailored just for your wants/needs on writing: articles, publishing, children's lit. Number of sessions & fee to be determined privately.

YOUR "BUCKET LIST". For you wise men and women over 60, let's discuss how you can make happen those things left undone so far. Also, I will support you in leaving a written and visual legacy for future generations.

I'd like to know what are your biggest concerns as you move into the future.

"Where the Good Road and the Road of Difficulties meet is holy."

I have taught in major centers in the Northeast, on the West Coast, as well as Canada and Greece. The United Nations named me a "most remarkable woman" for my work.

TO REGISTER: Advance registration with payment is required. Via Paypal or check. For questions and details, call 587-3356 or email:

What others have said about my workshops...
"I found Valerie's Intensive Journaling class to be very instructive and
evocative. Valerie's caring and sensitivity to the class encouraged
self-exploration. She provided strategies for us to continue gaining
insights into ourselves." ~ Barbara Labovitz Boik, Bozeman, MT

"I have benefitted in many ways from the introspective Journal Workshops offered by Valerie Harms--and always in ways that are new and unexpected. I wholeheartedly recommend the work to everyone, no matter how seasoned at journaling or accustomed to self-reflection. I always leave with a new perspective and a thankful heart." ~ Gena Funk

"The personal life deeply lived always extends into truths beyond itself." - Anais Nin

"It is not half so important to know as to feel. If facts are the seeds that later produce knowledge and wisdom, then the emotions and the impressions of the senses are the fertile soil in which the seeds must grow."
- Rachel Carson, The Sense of Wonder

"We are partners in this land/co-signers of a covenant." - Stanley Kunitz