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Contents copyright 2020 by Valerie Harms

community supported agriculture

As late spring and summer approach, you might want to get started supporting your local farms. Each week you get to take home a box of fresh veggies, fruits, and other goodies. For more info and access to all kinds of CSAs around the country, see
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Free consultation

Call or email to arrange a free one-hour consultation.
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New services

New arrangement of services on my home page. You can order consulting packages now.

A new book looks good to me: Imagine by Jonah Lehrer.
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Comments from workshop participants

"Your expertise and wisdom was so impressive and helpful. I also loved your style of communication and teaching and found it valuable to write a letter and receive input."

'You and Rob presented a wonderful, educational workshop.'
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Children's Literature flyer

If you have been dreaming about a project or have one in developement, this should meet your needs.
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adult children

Do any of you have adult children who break your heart just as much as they did when they were growing up with you? I sure understand that once they are married and have their own families, their ties to their past can seem practically invisible. But I sure hate being neglected and sidelined. Every friend I have who has grown children faces such sad moments too. It is rarely written about or acknowledged.  Read More 
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Bunnies & books

An artist who has delighted me for decades is Sas Colby. Here are a couple of her bunny images--reading or listening to a book.
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Inner Lover talk on Valentine's Day

I was so happy with the women who came and the discussion we had. Love's all about imagination and creativity, regardless of pain or joy.
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Inner Lover

On the 14th I'll be discussing a favorite topic: how the flame of desire yields spiritual and creative gifts, a piece of wisdom known by Rumi. See announcement in Events page.
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Soul Writing

I love taking people through techniques that evoke unconscious insights, awarenesses, and images as I did this past Satuurday. As Jung said, most of us don't know all our thoughts or potentials. Our lives have their own timing as well. The more we can get to know how the different parts of our lives are moving, the more centered we'll be. We can be firm and solid as a tree trunk with many branches.  Read More 
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