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SPECIAL 2016 BOOK OFFER: Your Soul at a Crossroads for half-price, $7. You might then dip into The Inner Lover and Dreaming of Animals, also related to finding inner wisdom.
Using passion as a way to self-empowerment & exceptional creativity
"Animals show us in dreams what we need to do to heal ourselves and the Earth" - James Hillman
A compendium of articles, quotes, puzzles that show how our daily activities affect ecosystems. Published by Grosset/Putnam.
That's me at age 15 - to Elvis' right
The story of a snowshoe hare surviving in its community in Glacier Bay, Alaska. A Smithsonian Heritage Book.
Current state of U.S. This is a photo of a work of art by a Native American. I think the image speaks louder than words about the state of the country. What do you think?

So precious

Book cover

The scene while I work in my journal

Dinner afterward with Heidi Kolb

Flyer for this weekend's Anais Nin event

Carl Jung at Bollingen

My kitty, Sugah

with long hair, Bozeman

Scene in Yellowstone Park near where I currently live.

Listen to the Dr. Pat Show

I love this mosaic with Orpheus and animals

Jane D. Richardson among her diaries

Anais Nin and I at her book party at the Gotham Book Mart.

Two favorite mentors: Ira Progoff & Anais Nin. Progoff was the creator of the Intensive Journal Method. Anais Nin, is the author of novels and most famously Diaries.

Highly recommended

Montana Friends of Jung program Nov. 10-11

October 21, 2017

Tags: Polly Young-Eisendrath, Carl Jung, Buddhism, love

I've been part of this group for 20 years and this promises to be one of our best offerings.

Polly Young-Eisendrath

Friday November 10 and Saturday November 11, 2017
The Element Hotel, Bozeman

Friday night lecture, 7 - 8:30 p.m.
“Gathering Up Our Brokenness”

Often, we hear about grieving our mistakes, failures, losses, and imperfections, but rarely do we learn how to mine them for their richness. Because human beings are naturally broken — with personalities that are largely unconscious, reactive, and hard to manage — we have countless opportunities in our relationships and work to see our selves in the cracks of the mirror. This workshop draws on Carl Jung’s psychology of individuation and on the Buddha’s teachings on awakening to offer a new vision of imperfection with its inherent openings to compassion and love.

Saturday Workshop, 9 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.
“Love is a Spiritual Path: Relationship as Psycho-Spiritual Development”

This workshop explores the nature of “true love” or “personal love,” defined as mutual love between equals, requiring insight, mindfulness, equanimity, emotional maturity, open communication and honesty. True love, in this sense, is different from romance and from biological attachment bonds. Polly guides participants toward understanding how and why well-meaning people get caught up in harmful emotional patterns if they do not understand their inner lives as individuals. The workshop shows people how to “mind the space” between them with respect and compassion.

Polly Young-Eisendrath, is an engaging and imaginative speaker, writer, Jungian analyst, and mindfulness teacher. Some of her book titles are The Self-Esteem Trap; Awakening and Insight: Zen Buddhism and Psychotherapy; Female Authority. For much more info about Polly see

This program is for therapists and the general public. Come be part of this opportunity.
Friday lecture & Saturday workshop: $170.00. Lunch will be on your own.
Seven (7) CEUs are included in the fee for those who want them. [If questions, contact, Inese Wheeler (]
MSU/UM students w/ID $80.00.
Friday lecture only: $20. MSU/UM students w/ID $10.

Early registration is recommended. Send check to Montana Friends of Jung, P.O. Box 6565, Bozeman, MT 59771. If interested in using PayPal, ask Valerie Harms (

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