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SPECIAL 2016 BOOK OFFER: Your Soul at a Crossroads for half-price, $7. You might then dip into The Inner Lover and Dreaming of Animals, also related to finding inner wisdom.
Using passion as a way to self-empowerment & exceptional creativity
"Animals show us in dreams what we need to do to heal ourselves and the Earth" - James Hillman
A compendium of articles, quotes, puzzles that show how our daily activities affect ecosystems. Published by Grosset/Putnam.
That's me at age 15 - to Elvis' right
The story of a snowshoe hare surviving in its community in Glacier Bay, Alaska. A Smithsonian Heritage Book.
Current state of U.S. This is a photo of a work of art by a Native American. I think the image speaks louder than words about the state of the country. What do you think?

So precious

Book cover

The scene while I work in my journal

Dinner afterward with Heidi Kolb

Flyer for this weekend's Anais Nin event

Carl Jung at Bollingen

My kitty, Sugah

with long hair, Bozeman

Scene in Yellowstone Park near where I currently live.

Listen to the Dr. Pat Show

I love this mosaic with Orpheus and animals

Jane D. Richardson among her diaries

Anais Nin and I at her book party at the Gotham Book Mart.

Two favorite mentors: Ira Progoff & Anais Nin. Progoff was the creator of the Intensive Journal Method. Anais Nin, is the author of novels and most famously Diaries.

Highly recommended

September 26, 2010

Tags: Crossroads, relationship, work, health, religion, Intensive Journal, inspiration

When you are at a crossroads in a relationship, work situation, or health issue, how do you decide which path to take? Do you look to a religion or religious leader to get help? Do you sound out friends, do you talk to experts, do you research on the Internet? I am concerned with how you get deep and find the answers within even though you think they are not there. Sure, it's good to get information but you have to go through your feelings too. In the Intensive Journal method, which I have used since 1970 -- and taught almost as long -- there's a system for dialoguing with the person, event, or your body. It helps you get beyond the surface into the more unconscious layers. These layers include an underground river of inspiration, hunches, ideas, and wisdom coming from your Source.