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Heyday on the High Plains of Montana

June 19th I head out with the Montana Office of Tourism supercrew on a 4-day exploratory trip into northeastern Montana. I will see places I've never been and have good guidance and company. I plan to enter field notes and eventually write an article about the trip in the Fall issue of Distinctly Montana magazine.

Subtitle of this adventure: Missouri River Country Press Trip
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theses, reports, novels and other creative writing

This past year has been full of enjoyable editing--from the mythological and depth psychology papers of students at Pacificia to environmental studies produced by Sonoran Institute to fiction of all stripes, and the huge variety of Distinctly Montana magazine articles. Bring it on!
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Distinctly Montana magazine Spring issue

The spring issue of Distinctly Montana magazine has come out. If you can't find it locally, subscribe or read it online at www.distinctlymontana.com. It features guides to 10 rousing hikes, golf courses around the state, and the don't-miss places in Helena. Also popular are the Interior Designers Roundtable discussion and feature on buying consignment furniture. The designer treats every article as an artwork, so it's quite striking. Full disclosure: I edit the magazine but I can still recommend it. Read More 
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