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Publishing ventures

I have consulted with numerous people in getting their books published, including traditional print books to ebooks and print-on-demand services. I can help you create the books you want as well as marketing with social media. See my home page for services and package deals.
Contact me about rates at at valerie@valerieharms.com or 406-587-3356.



My background includes having co-founded...
"books that move in inner and outer circles"

This imprint of mine was founded in 1972 to publish books by women. Coordinating the editing and production, I have published 20 books. The books have received a national science award, grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and Poets and Writers, Inc., been the subject of an NET film documentary, and included in The Best of the Small Presses.

Titles include:
Dreaming of Animals by Valerie Harms (ISBN: 0-595-3411-2)
Gathering the Soul by Connie Myslik (ISBN: 0-7388-0473-8)
Gatherings From a Dancer's Journal by Carolyn Bilderback (ISBN: 09-913660-25-6)
My, Haven't the Flowers Been by Harriet Zinnes (ISBN: 09-913660-26-4)
A Women's Diaries Miscellany by Jane DuPree Begos (ISBN: 09-913660-24-8)
Waste of Timelessness and other Stories by Anais Nin (op)
Life Lines by Ann Z. Leventhal

The Makings of a Nobody by Ann Z. Leventhal
A Wreath of Pale White Roses by Erika Duncan
Diary of a Monarch Butterfly by Susan Thompson, design by Sas Colby (op)
Feeling Mad, Bad, Sad, Glad by Ann McGovern, photos by Hope Wurmfeld
Little Boat Lighter Than a Cork by Ruth Krauss (op)