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Your Soul at a Crossroads, with Steps You Can Take Not to Lose It

Everyone has difficulties — some inordinately hard — but all essential to their fate. We struggle in relationships, work, health, and with how to live meaningfully. Sometimes we’re high, sometimes low, always in flux, but when we die to one way of life, we are reborn into another. This book aims at helping you find renewal and transcendence after life delivers a blow.
Find the meaning of your life within you, not out there somewhere, by using the techniques that have aided me and others for decades. If you are confused about what your next steps are and you try these exercises, they will give you fresh courage and insights to bring into your life…and world.
Contents cover the essence of timing, dialogue guidelines, examples from the author’s life and others’, dreams, death, and evocative rebirth symbols and myths.
Here's quiz that gives you clues to this book:

Why do you write about using a notebook as former spiritual seekers retreated to caves?
Finding your new path takes time to undergo change and renewal. The notebook is a place for solitude and writing out the exercises with full-bore emotional intensity.

What is depth psychology?
Emphasizing the images, ideas, and intuitions that come to consciousness when the mind is quiet.

What is the purpose of writing a dialogue on paper?
By considering the “other” in a relationship or work project you get out of the circular thinking of one’s own mind. Writing from one heart to another evokes words that may never be spoken. Subtle awarenesses surface from the unconscious.

Name 3 ways to work with dreams:
Find the story, ponder your associations, honor the meaning.

What are some symbols of renewal?
Eggs, seeds, cave as container, fire (heat of emotional pressure that leads to transformation), darkness