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National Audubon Society Almanac of the Environment/
The Ecology of Everyday Life

The Self-Nature Connection

The mental and physical distress we experience as a result of the pollution and destruction of nature indicates that the relationship between ourselves and the natural world needs to be repaired. Cut off from our roots in nature, many of us suffer without awareness from a lack of community with the flora and fauna around us. Ecopsychology bridges the split between humanity and the Earth, mind and nature, psychology and ecology. Ecopsychology affirms the interconnectedness between the needs of the person and the Earth, showing us that human sanity depends on sustainable and mutually-enhancing relations with the natural world.

Offered are experiential techniques that will empower you to help heal the Earth as part of the healing of yourselves. Topics will include exploring the history of your connection with nature, the fluid boundaries between your identity and the Earth, walking outdoors with heightened awareness, working with animal and dream imagery, and establishing dialogues between yourself and aspects of nature. After doing this inner work, you will receive inspiration and support for a variety of new outer actions.

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