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My Books

Blood & Water Blood is a tale of romance, tragedy, and feuding that plays out between 30-year-old Diane, her live-in partner, Robbie, a conflicted Native American, Diane's father, Jake Grant, a distinguished and respected rancher of the old West, and their wealthy neighbor, Ron Johnson who steals water from the creek that runs through both properties.  The action escalates from animal killing, battle over water rights to racial murder, to resolution.
Woven in is a story about John Bozeman who founded the town of Bozeman and also had sexual intercourse with Indians. 
The genre is psychological contemporary fiction for adults.  65,000 words. It is most like the current TV series "Yellowstone" with Kevin Costner or Craig Johnson's Longmire books but the emphasis is not on the mystery but more about love and prejudice, pride and greed.

The Inner Lover

The Inner Lover / Using Passion as a Way to Self-empowerment
When we feel in love with someone, we project missing aspects of our souls onto others. This book shows through personal example and psychological theory how love transforms us and leads to creative gifts, regardless of the outcome of the relationship. First published in 1992 by Shambhala, newly published in 1999 by Aslan.Travel & Leisure, November 2001.
To see a short really nicely produced video on this subject at YouTube, go to Inner Lover


--"A refreshing antidote to the codependency literature. Harms tells not only how to disengage ourselves from others, but how to use our attractions to discover and develop our inner potential. A warm, empowering book." ~ Robert Johnson, author of He, She, and Inner Work.

Dreaming of Animals

This book dives deeply into the lives of many animals, documents our relationship to them over time, and shows how to work with dreams and dialogues. A great emotion, transforming in effect, is released when we take the beauty and power of dream animals to heart. I am passionate about protecting all species of beings.

Article about me and animal book: http://www.billingsgazette.net/articles/2008/10/12/features/magazine/22-dream.txt

--"a fine piece of work" ~ Jeremy Taylor, author of Dream Work, et al.
--"You write so well! I was immediately engaged." ~ Stephen Aizenstat, President of Pacifica Graduate Institute, CA

Your Soul at a Crossroads, with Steps You Can Take Not to Lose It

This book enables you to confidently choose the right path when up against the many choices of your life. It provides exercises on relationships, work, and health that uncover the spiritual wisdom rooted in your soul. It offers both inspiration and memoir.
See my blog on journal writing -- August 25. 2016 -- for fuller description.

See a comprehensive review by James Strecker on my blog.

When you find yourself in a dark wood, lighted paths emerge

National Audubon Society Almanac of the Environment/ The Ecology of Everyday Life

Sections include ecology relating to our bodies, homes, communities, land and ocean, global politics.

--This Almanac "ought to be on every bookshelf in the land." ~ Ted Roszak, The Voice of the Earth, et al
--"This blockbuster of an environmental Almanac zeroes right in on how you and ecology fit into everyday life." ~ Dr. Anne LaBastille

Tryin' To Get to You, The Story of Elvis Presley

Because I knew Elvis personally and started his first fan club in Texas,this narrative biography shows more of what Elvis is really like than the typical documentary. This biography is far more than just a documentary. It covers Elvis’ early roots more deeply than any other book: his poor rural childhood, teenage insecurities in a big city high school and early successes in the South. Taking the reader behind-the-scenes of his short meteoric life span, it shows what Elvis’ personality was really like.Elvis came to mean so much to men and women alike.
(Atheneum; re-issued by Authors Guild BackinPrint with www.iUniverse.com.)
For more info see www.elvispresley-thebook.com

Celebration with Anais Nin

A rare book, uniquely printed, based on an intimate weekend conference with Anais at Wainwright House.

For much more about my connection with Anais Nin as well as a superior site about her, see www.anaisnin.com

For more books on Anais Nin, click here:Anais Nin books

Stars In My Sky: Anais Nin, Maria Montessori, Frances Steloff

Describes my involvement with these inspiring women. (Frances Steloff was the founder of the Gotham Book Mart in NYC).

Frolic's Dance

Real animals in real conflicts. Good for children under 10, published by Soundprints, 1989.

Beezus and Ramona Diary

Encourages readers to think about the problems they have that are similar to Beezus and Ramona's.


Go to your favorite bookstore or if you would like an autographed book, order from me. Payment accepted through a Paypal account

Your Soul at a Crossroads...$10
Dreaming of Animals.…$17.00

The Inner Lover.....$15.00

Tryin' To Get To You, the story of Elvis Presley….$12.00

Stars In My Sky / Nin, Montessori, Steloff…. $20.00

Unmasking: Ten Women in Metamorphosis…. $20.00