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Contents copyright 2021 by Valerie Harms

latest book by a client

This is a witty and amusing and heartfelt documentary of a long life. I recommend it.
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my new novel, Blood & Water


Blood & Water -- a novel

I have embarked on an experiment: publishing this novel with themes I care about deeply via an almost-free ebook self-publishing service. The book is available on all online places, including libraries. If you like the book or are interested in this company, contact me for a guide to self-publishing your own book online.

The world of ebook self-publishing has expanded. This service -- Draft2Digital seems the best so far to me.


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New methods of self-publishing

Let me help you discover the best way to produce your works. The options have improved.

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nature diaries by women (partial list)

Fishing Diary by Muriel Foster

The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady

Love Among the Butterlies by Margaret Fountaine,

Notes from a Natualist's Diary, Clarie Walker Leslie

Tracks, Roybyn Davidson

Home at Grasmere, Dorothy Wordsworth

Frist Spring, Phylllis Meras

Rural Hours, Susan Fenimore Cooper

The Flowrer and the Nettle, Anne Morrow Lindbrgh

Plant Dreaming Deep, May Sarton

Earthly Paradise, Colette

Pigrim. at Tinker Creak, Annie Dillard

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Comprehensive book publishing

These days I am helping a client produce an ebook and print book,plus cover and distribution. A complicated proces but worth it in content and contribution.


I edited her novel back in the '80s so it is extra special to have another work of hers.

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Help for those of us over 60

I am offering counseling that addresses emotional conditions. Through short sessions on Zoom or by phone we'll talk, discuss breathing, sleep problems, food/weight, using Tarot cards or the I Ching. We'll celebrate birthdays or goals reached. We'll advise each other on staying well.

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Projects during coronavirus

Image for cover

Since Covid-19 I have been editing and producing memoirs for people, plus one crime thriller. I have found a fast, meticulous printer that I love. These projects have been very satisfying to work on. I can show you what they look like online. These have been an honor to work on.

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Springtime neighborhood project

An inspiring project can be to walk the streets of your neighborhood and photograph the trees and gardens and whatever you find remarkable. Then write a journal entry about it.

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new courses

See Events page for new courses, one online for this time.

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Favorite TV crime series

Of these three crime series, I like Peaky Blinders and Line of Duty best. Babylon Berlin is going to get mired in Nazism and cruel characters. A reader has to find characters interesting even if they are cruel as in Peaky Blinders. In Babylon they are often disgusting too. In Line of Duty I like all the main characters.

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