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Contents copyright 2024 by Valerie Harms

Anais Nin books

Anais and I at the Gotham Book Mart.

I gave away my 20+ books of my Nin collection, which have been most avaluable to me for decades.

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re-reading Aurelie's books

Her website is www.aureliesheehan.com

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worst year ever

My daughter, excellent writer, professor, mother, wife died on August 4th after diagnosis of brain cancer.
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Netflix censorship

I rented Revolutionary Road, directed by the great Sam Mendes, from Netflix. The 1st disk arrived cracked in half. The replacement had the abortion scenes edited out. Sabotage, censorship! I called Netflix; they said the movie studios do it because abortion is such a hot political topic. Are they afraid of getting penalized? They said it is one of the reasons they are retiring DVD service after 25 years.😟

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My current project

I write about my obsessions 


theories of psychological growth 


relationships , easy and difficult

children young and old 

poetry for young and old 


so-called disabilities

Pop culture

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Annie Ernaux

I have loved Annie Ernaux' books. Am thrilled she was recognized.

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Elvis' death the 16th

Elvis died on the 16th. Tne new movie about his relationship with "colonel" Tom Parker is terrific. I met Elvis when I was 15, he 19, just beginning to get started. He was very friendly until he became superfamous. Then he was out of reach. I still love him and his music. That's me next to him.
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E.O. Wilson was my hero as a naturalist and conservationist. He was the gentlest of people. Anita Greene was my Jungian analyst for years at different times of my life. I miss both terribly already.

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latest book by a client

This is a witty and amusing and heartfelt documentary of a long life. I recommend it.
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