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ARTICLES (selected list):

WESTERN HOME JOURNAL: Fall 2019, "Montana Expressions"

DISTINCTLY MONTANA MAGAZINE: 2018 "Fiber Artists"; 2013: Montana in 20 Icons (see PDF in right column)
Christopher Paolini, Deborah Butterfield, Ghost Wood, Hatchfest, Octagonal Powerhouse.
Winter 2012 issue:"People Healing Horses, Horses Healing People." See live link (blue dot) in right hand column).
Biographies in Feminists Who Changed America, 1963-75 (I'm also a subject), University of Illinois Press, 2006
Audubon’s Life List Journal, “Birds in Mythology,...Art” (Artisan Publishers 1999)
NEW YORK TIMES: Delinquent Fathers, Suffering Families
HARPER'S MAGAZINE: Women Share Secrets
MS. MAGAZINE: What is Holistic Healing?
MEN'S JOURNAL: On Fathering
Encyclopedia of Archetypal Symbols, 4 contributions
New-Works Magazine, Recommended:Therapy for Our Relationship with Animals
ADVOCATE: Management and the Mind
CAMERA 35: The Legacy of Minor White
WOMAN: The Inner Journey (monthly column on dreams)
AUDUBON ACTIVIST: Our Planet, Ourselves
ANNALS OF EARTH: Interview with Jan Beyea
ENVIRONMENT: Nuclear Energy
HUMANIC ARTS (U of S.Carolina): Interview with Ira Progoff
AUDUBON ACTIVIST: Creating a Wildlife Habitat in Your Backyard
PILGRIMAGE, A Psychotherapy Journal: The Inner Lover
ANAIS JOURNAL: Anais Nin & Henry Miller; Memoir of Frances Steloff
MBI,INC: Notes to Famous Editions of Cyrano deBergerac and Swann's Way
SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL: Baltimore County Investment Sparks Weston Woods Line
WOMEN'S DIARIES: Anais Nin's Early Diaries
COUNTY MAGAZINE: Holistic Healing; Independent Publishers
WESTON: Elvis Before He Became Famous
CONNECTICUT WOMAN: Marketing to Women
PARENT'S CHOICE: Interviews with Ruth Krauss, Ann McGovern, Arthur L.Klein


* My papers are archived at Smith College’s Sophia Smith

“Recommended: Therapy for Our Relationship with Animals” at

“Creative Journaling” online chat with Kristi Holl at

Review called “As Within, So Without” of wonderful book by Nancy Ryley, The Forsaken Garden, The Deep Meaning of Environmental Illness, at

Review of The Inner Lover by Doris Norrgarrd on

Billlings bookfest: Dream of Animals Inspires Montana Writer "

Anais Nin (I co-founded this one)

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Wildlife conservation sites:
Montana Wilderness Association,
The Wilderness Society,
Predator Conservation,
National Audubon Society,
National Resources Defense Council,
Earth Justice,
Wildlife Conservation Society,
Wildlife expedition company,
Gallatin Valley Land Trust,
Orion Society,,,

Writing organizations:
National Writers Union,
Authors Guild,
International Women’s Writing Guild,
Long Ridge Writers Group,
Poets and Writers,

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