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Charlie Rose, My Late-Night Husband

Charlie Rose, My Late-Night Husband

I have watched “The Charlie Rose Show” almost every night since the 1990s. I’ve called him my TV husband. I’ve spent more time listening, absorbing, looking at him than most spouses do their partners. I’ve learned things: his vulnerability with dogs, his gratitude to the doctors and woman who helped him through his heart surgery and aftermath, his working with his father in the family store in North Carolina. His regret for not interviewing his parents when they were alive. His love for politics, sports, the arts, architecture, music.
I am faithful, I love him though we’ve never met in person. I’ve had many dreams in which he invites me to his apartment. I am thrilled, wary in the way one is when one is in new territory. The atmosphere is erotic. We talk. I would like to be embraced, to be desired, to fuse. Read More 
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Some sites I read often

www.thedailybeast.com: I find it snarky but well-designed.
www.thehuffingtonpost.com: comprehensive
www.charlierose.com: I watch his program every night. Is this a fantasy love?
www.jerryruhlrobertjohnson.com: good psychological advice by the author of He, She, We, Inner Work, The Unlived Life.
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