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Contents copyright 2024 by Valerie Harms

Lament of the Dead

At the suggestion of a friend I've been reading Lament of the Dead, dialogues between Sonu Shamdasani and Jim Hillman on Jung's Red Book. I highly recommend the book as they discuss things we all may have thought about. It's also given me a new perspective on the way forward and thinking less about my personal life and more about connection to my place and time as well as the past. Read More 
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Seminar on the Red Book

A 3-hour seminar by renowned analyst Murray Stein will be given in Zurich on Jan. 22nd and available for download by anyone. See www.ashevillejungcenter.org for details about participating. A great opportunity.
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Carl Jung's Red Book

This book is Carl Jung's private journal--with incredible paintings and inner dialogues. See Sara Corbett's article about it in the Sunday New York Times Magazine, Sept. 20, called "Holy Grail of the Unconscious."
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