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Contents copyright 2024 by Valerie Harms

Write Winning Essays -- for the college bound or already ensconced

Getting ready for college?  Do you need help with the required essay?  Not sure how to choose a topic or what direction to take? 
I have read countless essays and love students'expressions of their interests and identity.  I know what college admissions staff like to see—from ivy league to all the other great colleges in this country. 
Here'show I work:  We will communicate by email preferably or phone.  If you want to meet or Skype, that'sfine too. 
I will not write your essay for you but will brainstorm ideas and approach, review your organization, and correct grammar, spelling, and typos.  You can be confident that your essay will be polished. 
Contact me for rates: Valerie@valerieharms.comor (406) 587-3356.  I am eager to read your words!
My bio:I attended Smith College, raised a son and daughter, lived in France three years, and worked as an editor for the National Audubon Society in New York City.    I am the author of 10 nonfiction books, two fiction for children.  My articles have appeared in numerous magazines.
Currently I edit Distinctly Montana, a quarterly lifestyle magazine.

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