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Contents copyright 2024 by Valerie Harms

Listen to each other

How can we come together is the theme song of the day. Reduce name calling, stop vicious trolling under false names on media. Don't stay in one news bubble; branch out; check sources and facts. Let me say up front that I am an independent but in the upcoming election am avidly for Jon Tester and Kathleen Williams as our representatives. I think Trump has degraded the government, allowed the pollution of air, soil, water, and reduced protection for wildlife. You may have different opinions. My evangelical daughter-in-law, for instance, has been a Trump supporter from the get-go. I asked her why. She said because she is against abortion and gay marriage. In the #MeToo movement she worries about her husband and son and says women lie. I gave a counter-opinion but we avoid discussion. It's wonderful to talk to people who have give and take. Let's try to create that atmosphere more.

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