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Contents copyright 2024 by Valerie Harms

5 Steps for Working with your Dreams

5 Tips for Working With Dreams

1. Write down a dream.
2. On separate page, called “enlargements,” note the tone and movement and write a summary of how you see this dream correlating with any aspect of your life: relationship, work, body, politics, nature the divine. Note the story. A person in the past may be relevantfor today. Dreams of people are about you, not the other person.
3. Close your eyes and reimagine yourself in the dream. See if it unfolds in any way. Go with it as you would a meditation. Afterwards write about your experience.
4. Dialogue with any part. On paper ask each part, even a table or lake or animal, to speak to you and tell you what it would like you to do.
5. Take an action directly related to the dream, even if it is just to paint it.

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