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Contents copyright 2024 by Valerie Harms

Progoff's Intensive Journal Method

My take on the Intensive Journal Method
The structure and theory behind it were developed by therapist, Ira Progoff, in the late 1960s as a non-judgmental, psychological, and spiritual tool that people could use on their own. Far more dynamic than ordinary diary-keeping, the Journal method is “one of the unique inventions of our time,” Joseph Campbell said.
I agree. It works, and I wish everyone would benefit from it as I have for the past four decades.  Read More 
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Special offer in soul writing

Special offer for 4 sessions of instruction in soul writing -- $125.00. Involves depth psychology techniques, Jungian-oriented exercises in relationships, work, and health issues. If you are unsure what to do next, here is your chance to find your true path based on your own inner resources. Based on my forthcoming book, Your Soul at a Crossroads.
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Soul Writing

I love taking people through techniques that evoke unconscious insights, awarenesses, and images as I did this past Satuurday. As Jung said, most of us don't know all our thoughts or potentials. Our lives have their own timing as well. The more we can get to know how the different parts of our lives are moving, the more centered we'll be. We can be firm and solid as a tree trunk with many branches.  Read More 
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Montana Friends of Jung

You can visit the Montana Friends of Jung page on Facebook for news about this group. Please befriend it and send comments. E.g. you can join the discussion on The Red Book.
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Symbols & Individuation in Global Politics

Asheville Jung Center just presented a 5 hour seminar on Symbols and Individuation in Global Politics. Of particular interest is thinking about the profiles of our cultural figures. You can still watch the video or order the DVD. Jung's Red Book seminar by Murray Stein are also available.
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5 Steps for Working with your Dreams

5 Tips for Working With Dreams

1. Write down a dream.
2. On separate page, called “enlargements,” note the tone and movement and write a summary of how you see this dream correlating with any aspect of your life: relationship, work, body, politics, nature the divine. Note the story. A person in the past may be relevantfor today. Dreams of people are about you, not the other person.
3. Close your eyes and reimagine yourself in the dream. See if it unfolds in any way. Go with it as you would a meditation. Afterwards write about your experience.
4. Dialogue with any part. On paper ask each part, even a table or lake or animal, to speak to you and tell you what it would like you to do.
5. Take an action directly related to the dream, even if it is just to paint it.
 Read More 
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