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Contents copyright 2024 by Valerie Harms

Get a massage ASAP

I once knew a body therapist who had a massage every week. She understood better than most of us how much are cells are restored through massage. Yesterday I felt like my "tank" was empty. I could hardly talk about all the stressful things that had happened. Then I submitted to Suzanne Beetsch's healing approach. First, she has me sniff different fragrances to see what ones I resonate with. Then she adds them to an oil that is made of almond, jojoba, coconut, and a whole lot more. She says this mixture is absorbed in the skin better than most. My body went limp, front and back, as her hands flowed over me. I was deliriously happy. We talked about how much more relaxed people would be if they had more massages, especially in these anxious times. So, I urge you to treat yourself. It's not just an indulgence.
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