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Contents copyright 2024 by Valerie Harms

Can Sex-ecology tempt you?

This excerpt appears in my chapter on the Earth's Soul in current book...
Annie Sprinkle (women’s erotica writer, porn star, educator, activist, filmmaker) and her wife, Elizabeth Stephens (artist and educator), seek to make the environmental movement a little more sexy, fun, and diverse. Switching the metaphor of “Earth as Mother” to “Earth as Lover,” their manifesto is in part: “We shamelessly hug trees, massage the earth with our feet, caress stones.” In public performances they have married trees, the moon, the sun, and the sky. (See loveartlab.org.)
In their words: "We make love with the Earth through our senses. We want to inspire people's empathy for the Earth, engender their creativity and to fill them with wonder and delight as well as be a source of power to nurture and defend the Earth from damage caused by exploitation.
“We absolutely love to use humor, and play as well, because really the situation is so dire that making already depressed people feel worse about the reality of their situation only serves to shut them down and scare them more than they already are. This is in part why the combination of ecology and sex delivered with love are such a potent combo — people perk up and listen when we introduce them to the terms ecosex and sexecology.
“Actually, very few people know what ecosex is. But in fact, when we question people, they have almost ALL had what we consider ecosexual experiences. For example, deriving erotic pleasure from nude swimming, lying in the hot sun, masturbating in a waterfall, mud bathing, and herbal body wraps. We do ecosex walking tours, ecosex symposiums, workshops, eco-weddings, and rituals. We expect to learn more about our capacity for connecting with nature, finding more pleasure than we ever imagined, and want to take lots of folks with us into eco-bliss, so that maybe then they will care for the Earth from a place of love, not sacrifice and struggle.”
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