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sudden hearing loss

Last week I had an awful shock: A GPS unit I ordered emitted a fierce blast when I turned it on (near my ear). After that I couldn’t hear words and there was a jangling around any sound. After measurements were made, a 3-week course of Prednisone was prescribed. I struggle through phone calls and can only converse if the person looks at me directly. Recovering my hearing can take quite awhile, and there are no guarantees. But it's good for reading through my stack of unread books and catching up on this blog. Read More 
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Bunnies & books

An artist who has delighted me for decades is Sas Colby. Here are a couple of her bunny images--reading or listening to a book.
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Free books

1. Gatherings from a Dancer's Journal by Carolyn Bilderback. This woman was an excellent, zen-oriented dancer. This book talks about the inner journey and technique.

2. My, Haven't the Flowers Been by Harriet Zinnes. The author of numerous poetry books and poetry teacher, she will stimulate your mind and senses.

$4 each for postage and handling. Send via Paypal or to PO Box 1123, Bozeman, MT 59771. Beats Amazon pricing.
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Article on Getting book published

In the July/August issue of the Montana State of the Arts Newsletter I have an article on how to get a first book published. Read it here (PDF at right) or at www.scribd.com.
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What are your favorite books and movies?

Drusha Mayhue said her favorite movie is "A Little Romance" and her favorite books are "The Shock Doctrine" by Naomi Klein and "When Corporations Rule the World" by David Korten.
My most recent favorite movie is "Broken Embraces" by Pedro Almodavar with his muse Penelope Cruz.
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