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Contents copyright 2024 by Valerie Harms

Love this praise

I just edited a friend's novel and here's what she said: I just want to thank you for your careful reading, the very valuable suggestions and editing, and your enthusiastic support for the story as a whole. You're the best! The novel is going to be much improved as a result.
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Tips for Writing about Dreams of People

When you dream about your mother, father, brother, sister, friend, lover, co-worker, etc., describe their qualities. What are they like? How do you feel about them? If the dream takes place in the past, write about what was going on for you at that time. What was your relationship with the person then? What were the hopes and difficulties of your life? Let memories surface. You will be surprised at how a dream's meaning suddenly strikes you after you have done some remembering. Look for the click of recognition.  Read More 
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7 Tips for getting out of a block

1. Do more research
2. Get out your special pen and paper
3. Free writing for 5 minutes, no stopping or editing
4. Write as if a letter to a friend.
5. Make yourself do it.
6. Understand your structure.
7. Make a list of characters and situations, cut into strips of paper and put in separate bags; pull out 2 characters and situation and construct a story. (Play.)  Read More 
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