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Do not hide your journals

A lot of women tell me that they are disposing of their journals so no one reads them. I wish you wouldn't. If you are a journal-keeper, you know that the contents are mostly about what hurts or angers you the most - or what you fear or ongoing relationship problems. You tend not to give as much space to joys and satisfactions. Hence, a journal is one-sided. It does not tell the whole story. Furthermore, I think that if women told the truth in their journals and exposed them, the world would split open. The world needs women's truths.  Read More 
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Terry Tempest Williams

Her latest book -- and best I think -- is called When Women were Birds. It kicks off with how her mother gave her all her journals when she died, and they were all blank. They become metaphors for everything. (I highly recommend it. It is very moving).

More recently Terry was told that she has a raspberry-sized blood clot in her brain. She could have undergone surgery but whether she could call up words or write was in doubt, so she has decided to live with the possibility that it could burst any time. Whew!! She is very brave. Read More 
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