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Contents copyright 2022 by Valerie Harms

season of renewal

All the major religions now celebrate the rebirth of the spirit, derived from the vernal equinox when the soil becomes receptive, the sap runs in trees, and we too can feel refreshed. I am offering a "soul writing workshop" (see Events) that will enable people to delve into their depths to stir the pot of creative juices. Instead of April being the "cruelest" month, let's permit our spirits to flower along with the daffodils and tulips.
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The interface between you and the spirit of the time.

These past weeks newspapers and TV media have been obsessing over upcoming elections. I personally wish as much time was devoted to global climate change and the endangered plight of animal species. But what’s really relevant here is to ask ourselves if we identify with the media’s obsessions or if we are seized by other thoughts deep within us that may not have anything to do with politics? Does the spirit of the time correspond with the directives of your own soul?  Read More 
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