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Contents copyright 2024 by Valerie Harms

New: PDF's to help you be guided by your inner wisdom

The PDFs are on the topics described below. All are inexpensive but drawn from my (long) years of experience. If you want to order one or more, just pay via Paypal and notify me. (You can pay at Paypal without having an account).

1. Inner Wisdom of the Body, Tips for Befriending it. If today you are often judgmental toward your body, it’s time to ally with it as you experience intimacy, sickness, sensory pleasures (music, food, fabrics, etc.), and stages of life. You will be helped in healing. 2 pages, $5, PDF.

2. Dreams are like Fed-Ex Messages from Your Soul. Tips for Understanding Them. Dreams may seem like impossible riddles but if you only work with a few a month, you will benefit from the rich flow of imagery from the unconscious. They correct your passage in life. 5 pages, $5, PDF.

3. Animals as Power Figures. Wild and tamed animals live all around us but have you stopped to think about those who live inside you? I offer you 10 techniques for working with animals as wisdom figures in order to enable you to live your life more powerfully. 3 pages, $10, PDF.

4. Rebirth Symbols. Rebirth is about renewal, resurrection, and transcendence after life delivers a blow. I describe symbols and rituals drawn from the world’s myths and religions that have helped people heal since time immemorial.
7 pages, $10, PDF. Read More 
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Feb. 11 interview Voice America

Tune in to listen to this interview....http://www.voiceamerica.com/Show/Episode/51766/the-link-between-the-inner-world-of-our-imagination-and-the-outer-world-where-we-encounter-animals
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Bernie Siegel interview

I am thrilled to be interviewed by Bernie. Here's the link.

you can access anytime.
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new animal book & pictures

See www.rightwards.com for a new book that features animals and history. A very interesting concept that shows how animals have been so important to us.

Another great book that shows how we don't pay enough attention to the nonhuman world is David Abram's book, Spell of the Sensuous.
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Interview with Doolin Healing Sanctuary folks

Interview today on Dreaming of Animals with Rev. Daya Devi-Doolin, a powerful woman. To listen, copy and paste this address http://www.blogtalkradio.com/padaran/2010/11/11/dreaming-of-animals-with-guest-valerie-harms
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Our Natural Life

On 9.27 my interview with Cathy and Jon Payne of Georgia will be on the Web site, www.ournaturallife.com. This interview was special to me because Cathy and Jon have a lot of farm animals. We were able to talk about them for a change. Especially interesting was our talking about how much good insects do for the earth and yet most people just want to eradicate them. Read More 
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