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Contents copyright 2022 by Valerie Harms

Healing Horses

It's been very meaningful to me to write an article about people who work on horses' injuries, sore muscles, etc. as well as how these people have been healed by horses too in dramatic ways. I am also very impressed with those who run horse sanctuaries and use techniques, such as the Parelli method, to get the abused and neglected horses ready for adoption. See the article on Distinctly Montana's site at http://www.distinctlymontana.com/article/healing-horses-montana. Read More 
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Bernie Siegel interview

I am thrilled to be interviewed by Bernie. Here's the link.

you can access anytime.
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Rebirth via the body

I thought long and hard about rebirth when in one year five people I knew became wheelchair bound. All were very active: one fell out of a tree, one off a cliff, one slipped on a walk, one had a botched surgery, one had a bicycle accident. These in addition to the war veterans who were sent home without limbs. I interviewed the people I knew and will write about them in a book on "rebirth" but just imagine how these people's lives changed.  Read More 
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