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Contents copyright 2022 by Valerie Harms

Sex & Love

On Medium.com I just published a blog about my response to an article in Vanity Fair on those who use the dating apps to hook up. I'd also just read Kent Haruf's tender book Our Souls at Night. I am concerned about hasty sex with little conversation and what it does to the souls of both men and women.  Read More 
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Missoula Book Festival

Lots of good things planned. I am on a publishing panel Saturday at 2:30. Here's the link to the schedule....https://montanabookfestival2015.sched.org/
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Elvis Presley and I

On the anniversary of Elvis' death I once again mention that I knew Elvis in the early days and wrote about that time in "Tryin' To Get To You", my favorite song. I saw a good DVD called Road Show in which first Elvis sings a song, then Johnny Cash (who used to open for him) -- all from the early days. Read More 
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Missoula Book Festival

Wow, I've been distracted all summer. I finished my novel, I've hiked all around, I've visited family, I've worked on the Fall issue of Distinctly Montana Magazine. Now am proud that I'll be part of the Missoula Book Festival Sept. 12th as the organizers rarely, if ever, make room for psychological books.
I hope a good film is showing at the Roxy and am looking forward to a Mexican chocolate and cardamon cone.  Read More 
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Interview by James Strecker

See the link to the right

or Google James Strecker Valerie Harms

It's very in depth
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Symbols of rebirth and renewal

from my book Your Soul at a Crossroads:

Symbols of Renewal and Rebirth

Here is a personal glossary of universal symbols that appear in dreams or stories about change and renewal. They will naturally appear in your soul work in the right time for you. Even if we aren’t aware of the symbols in the way defined below, they rest in our ancestral memory and animate our souls. Sometimes we even use them in colloquial conversation without thinking about it. You can use this chapter for possible guidance in regard to renewal and rebirth.

Vessel—The vessel is the womb. The female body is such a container. The uterus and the oven are both vessels. Pottery/vessels used for the gathering of food and water from early cultures had breasts. The funereal urn is also a vessel. Projected outward, it symbolizes the world, the cosmos.

Erich Neumann in The Great Mother wrote that in the beginning of civilization the Feminine was seen as the creative principle that encompassed the whole of the world. She was nature in which all life arose and achieved its highest transformation in the form of the spirit. “Later the patriarchate postulates the reverse just as one-sidedly; namely, that the male seed is the creative element while the woman as vessel is only a temporary abode and feeding place.”

In Christianity, the vessel became the baptismal font and the chalice of the Last Supper. Read More 
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Excerpt from my novel

To the right is an excerpt from my novel -- takes place in Montana. This chapter takes the viewpoint of the father.
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Remembering Anais Nin decades later

The program went well -- about 100 people in a lovely venue. They showed slides of Nin with her voiceover. I managed to speak without looking at my notes very often, which I'm proud of. It was very worth while, provoked many thoughts.
Steven, the organizer, called out Moira Collins extensively for her longterm sustaining of www.anaisnin.com, the best website on Nin. It's amazing that we would gather after all this time to pay tribute.  Read More 
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Anais Nin event

Saturday March 28th in W. Hollywood I'll be on a panel about how Anais Nin influenced my life. Joining me will be Sas Colby, artist, Tristine Rainer who taught with Anais, and Barbara Kraft who wrote about Anais' last year, also Henry Miller. It will be a grand reunion. Check out Steven Reigns on Facebook.
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Book recommendations for Feb.

Recommendations for this month:
Alain de Botton Novel: On Love -- gripping drama from a man's point of view.
E.O. Wilson's The Meaning of Human Existence, esp. the last chapter
Meg Wollitzer's The Interestings -- so well written -- about 6 friends who meet as teens and how they grow up and interact
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