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Contents copyright 2022 by Valerie Harms

Depth psychology book & CD club

I'd like to start a discussion on Clarissa Pinkola Estes' works on the crone -- The Power of the Crone and Mother Night. Let me know if you are interested.
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Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage by Haruki Murakami

Just read Murakami's latest novel and I think its various tributaries provide solace to those who've known unrequited love.
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Love this praise

I just edited a friend's novel and here's what she said: I just want to thank you for your careful reading, the very valuable suggestions and editing, and your enthusiastic support for the story as a whole. You're the best! The novel is going to be much improved as a result.
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Lament of the Dead

At the suggestion of a friend I've been reading Lament of the Dead, dialogues between Sonu Shamdasani and Jim Hillman on Jung's Red Book. I highly recommend the book as they discuss things we all may have thought about. It's also given me a new perspective on the way forward and thinking less about my personal life and more about connection to my place and time as well as the past. Read More 
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Bleu horses

I love sculptor Jim Dolan's steel horses placed atop a Montana hillside. See my article by clicking here /a>
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Heyday on the High Plains of Montana

June 19th I head out with the Montana Office of Tourism supercrew on a 4-day exploratory trip into northeastern Montana. I will see places I've never been and have good guidance and company. I plan to enter field notes and eventually write an article about the trip in the Fall issue of Distinctly Montana magazine.

Subtitle of this adventure: Missouri River Country Press Trip
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Country Bookshelf, Elk River Books, Bangtail Press Events

Allen Jones, who owns Bangtail Press, had the great idea of publishing three books -- one with Bozeman area writers, one with Livingston, one with Missoula. This week were the celebrations. I am proud to be in the Bozeman book, along with writers I so admire, e.g. David Quammen. The event in Livingston last night was attended by such a crowd that people were packed in a large space standing. (The new Elk River Books is now 2 big floors, nice wood, very charming.) It was catered by a favorite place of mine with pulled pork sandwiches and slaw Almost everyone read, including Tim Cahill, John Clayton, & Scott McMillion; Walter Kirn made up a story while waiting for his turn. I was struck by how funny so many pieces were. This was the kind of night I really enjoy. Read More 
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Fact & Fiction bookstore in Missoula

I love this bookstore and always go there when in town. On Saturday, April 19th, I will discuss my latest book, Your Soul at a Crossroads, With Steps You Can Take Not to Lose It. This book is for the serious issues of our lives. That does not mean just the sad ones; it also means when you feel the urge to grow and expand and you don't know your next step. I love helping people in this way. If you can't come, you might like to get the book. As an ebook, it's the price of a latte. Read More 
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At Barjons Bookstore Billings, Saturday

If you're in or near Billings, come to Barjons Bookstore at 1:30 for my program and signing. Be sure to browse their wonderful books. I'm eager and it looks like the weather will be cooperating.
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Pyschology, Philosophy, Let's See More

Here's an editorial I wrote that was published this week in Publishers Weekly, the industry's magazine

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